I’ve been known to sing out loud while running.. .

I’ve also been known to do some fist pumping, if the tune is really good…

And maybe even do a little bit of dancing…

Oh yeah, it’s all about the tunes!  :)


Now it’s time to dance…errrr I mean, RUN!
Running inspiration blog 2



Would love to add more if you have some really really must have songs to listen to that gets you going!  Comment below :)


Running Playlist

Current top favorites that I LOVE starting my runs with… you know the ones that make you want to go for that PR! 

Don’t Stop Believin’ : Journey  (because we should NEVER stop believin’)

Boneless : Chris Lake, Tujamo

Pump It : The Black Eyed Peas 

The Middle : Jimmy Eat World

#thatPOWER : will.i.am

Sweet Child O’ Mine : Guns N’ Roses

Feel so Close : Calvin Harris

Hey Ya : OutKast

running playlist 80's

Gotta love the 80’s! 

running playlist 90's

Don’t forget the 90’s! 


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